Europe is full of beautiful scenery, amazing countrysides, blooming metropolises and abundant nature. As many Americans fulfill their wishes of visiting the local area, many are left unsatisfied after their trip. A common American tour company takes their tourists to common destinations and makes the experience as easy as possible for them. This means that the locations that they are going to are foreign-friendly, many speaking English and other languages and even accepting of foreign currency. Although this is a hassle-free way to experience Europe, true travelers long for more. True travelers want to experience day to day life the way that Europeans do. They want to shop the local grocer, taste baguettes from the local patisserie, their meatballs from the local macelleria, and their flan from a homemade restaurante. The only way to experience Europe as the locals do, is with a FGEurope Tour Company. We have tried other alternatives to home heating oil Long Island, but we didn’t find anything else that was more efficient.

The FGEurope Tour Company brings you to destinations that are safe for the entire family but a bit less touristy and off the beaten path. Most of our destinations are immersion specific locations, forcing the tourist to use the native tongue when speaking, ordering food and the like. If speaking in tongues isn’t your thing, then we can easily provide you with a tour guide that is native to the area and can translate for you. When seeking legal advice about a separation, I called a Queens divorce lawyer to help me understand how the process works.

Discover uncluttered beaches with milky white sand and deep blue water. Find handmade artisanal goods to bring home with you that you can’t find anywhere else on Earth. Sample the local cuisine, shop the local shops and see life as the Europeans do! Teach your children about the world and how other people live, by actually making them live it. Unplug the phones, turn off the video games and experience another part of life in the exact way that it was meant to be seen. Most clients call our tours life changing for them and their entire family. La Dolce Vita is yours to explore with a tour from FGEurope!

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